Highfield Young Peoples Unit in Oxford


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Highfield Young Peoples Unit in Oxford

This is a petition in support of the Highfield Young Peoples Unit for mentally ill young people, to be built in Oxford on the OBMH Trustís own ground.

Some of you may have seen on the news that the OBMH Trust in Oxford may be prevented from building a new unit in Oxford for Young People with mental illness because a group of cricketers are opposing the planning permission which has been granted. This is because the cricket pitch they have been allowed to play on, is on the ground OBMH wish to build on. Despite the fact that the land belongs to the trust and the trust have agreed to pay £200,000 to Oxford City Council for replacement facilities AND offered support to the cricketers to locate a new pitch, they are kicking up a stink. The council had granted permission to build but have now called a review. The problem is the government have allocated the trust 4.1 million pounds for the project which will be lost if building work isnít started by 31st march.

Given the existing facilities for young people with mental health problems are completely inadequate and do not meet with the latest legal standards, it would be disgraceful to think these young people might be forced to travel elsewhere in the country, perhaps a long way away from their families, because the cricketers will not entertain the idea of playing elsewhere.

Therefore, my plea to you is to sign your name at the bottom

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