Boycott Beijing

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Boycott Beijing

The crackdown by Chinese authorities on protesters in Tibet highlighted the need for the international community to stand up against China and its woefull record on human rights abuses and false promises for change.

We must unite and boycott the Beijing Olympics.

The Communist regime in China has one of the worst human rights abuse records in the world, if we compete in Beijing we are effectively turning a blind eye to what is going on in the rest of China and Tibet and could almost be considered to be complicit. There have already been calls for Australian athletes to boycott the games. We should all be following this lead and putting pressure on now.

It is believed that hundreds have been killed in recent protests and clashes with security forces in Tibet since the demonstrations held by monks to mark the 49th anniversary of a failed uprising against Chinese rule on the 10th March.

Other lesser areas of abuse include China’s support of the militias and dictatorships in Darfur and Burma:

China supplies arms to Sudan supporting the terrorist group called Janjaweed that carries out the genocide of Africans in Darfur.

In Burma China provides all of the trade that includes the supply of arms to the dictatorship. Economic sanctions by the west against Burma mean nothing, as its capital is drawn from its gas and petrol traded with China, and opium.

A boycott of the Olympics is the only proposal which can bring change to the Chinese regime and the people who suffer as a result.

The boycott of South African athletes from international competitions was probably the single most effective weapon the international community ever deployed against the apartheid state.

If the Olympics were being held in Zimbabwe we would all be boycotting the games, however – with the financial and political clout of China the situation is entirely different.

With the eyes of the world focused on China and Tibet with the lead up to the Olympics, this is the time for the west to exert all its pressure and for China to clean up its act.

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