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Causes that EvangeliaManthoyianni supports

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Stop live animal skinning in China

Created by JaneFullworth

4744 signatures & 1626 supporters Stop live animal skinning in China
Stop Battery Farming

Created by

1905 signatures & 61 supporters Stop Battery Farming
Close Huntingdon Life Sciences

Created by PETA

1676 signatures & 9 supporters Close Huntingdon Life Sciences
Save Felix the Monkey

Created by DJPRESS

1300 signatures & 91 supporters Save Felix the Monkey
Save the Iberian Lynx

Created by RogerMethman

1556 signatures & 62 supporters Save the Iberian Lynx
Repeal the Hunting Act 2004.

Created by CharlesJohnson

371 signatures & 4 supporters Repeal the Hunting Act 2004.
End Seal Clubbing


584 signatures & 1115 supporters End Seal Clubbing
Ban Hare Coursing

Created by HareDaysIreland

161 signatures & 16 supporters Ban Hare Coursing
Ban Fur Farming

Created by

3075 signatures & 41 supporters Ban Fur Farming

Created by EllenGodwin

111 signatures & 567 supporters ASPCA

Created by chickbaby2191

188 signatures & 1290 supporters SAVE ABUSED ANIMALS
Stop Mugabe

Created by BENHUDSON

1868 signatures & 1805 supporters Stop Mugabe
Free Tibet

Created by alfredoremon

894 signatures & 2211 supporters Free Tibet
Stop the torture of dogs and cats in South Korea

Created by PETA

225 signatures & 135 supporters Stop the torture of dogs and cats in South Korea
Ban fox hunting completely


674 signatures & 36 supporters Ban fox hunting completely
Save The Pit Bulls

Created by Shantalle

73 signatures & 33 supporters Save The Pit Bulls
Stop Bear Bile Farms!

Created by SadieMiles

75 signatures & 13 supporters Stop Bear Bile Farms!
Stop Dog Fighting Now

Created by R_Boase

5781 signatures & 87 supporters Stop Dog Fighting Now
Stop Sharks Slaughter

Created by gregBennett

62 signatures & 18 supporters Stop Sharks Slaughter
Service dog trainer

Created by ereeve

23 signatures & 3 supporters Service dog trainer
Ban Dolphin Captivity

Created by PETA

112 signatures & 5 supporters Ban Dolphin Captivity
Street Dogs of Nepal

Created by Streetdogsofnepal

71 signatures & 7 supporters Street Dogs of Nepal
Stop The Japanese Whaling

Created by Ed_Jennings

168 signatures & 374 supporters Stop The Japanese Whaling
Prosecution for Cruelty to Police Dogs

Created by KatKarref

62 signatures & 3 supporters Prosecution for Cruelty to Police Dogs
BAN Michael Vick!

Created by Capone203

60 signatures & 7 supporters BAN Michael Vick!
Stop The Dolphin Slaughter


445 signatures & 54 supporters Stop The Dolphin Slaughter
Donkeys are people too

Created by zaneteence

28 signatures & 17 supporters Donkeys are people too
Stop Guillermo Habacuc Vargas

Created by Stop_Guillermo_Vargas

148 signatures & 63 supporters Stop Guillermo Habacuc Vargas
Ban live exports from the UK

Created by PETA

1299 signatures & 5 supporters Ban live exports from the UK
BAN these Cruel Animal

Created by KaiBaldock

115 signatures & 13 supporters BAN these Cruel Animal
Ban Bull Fighting

Created by ediMichaels

155 signatures & 1204 supporters Ban Bull Fighting
Petition SHISEIDO to abolish animal experiments


201 signatures & 23 supporters Petition SHISEIDO to abolish animal experiments